Chanel Experts please help

  1. ok well i want a chanel bag and this is what im looking for.

    -not too big but not small like a pouchette
    -under 2000
    - trying to find a zipper bag
  2. Medallion Tote
  3. thanks swanky i shall go see what it looks like.
  4. I think for the classics, this is what I like. (not sure if I labeled it w/ the right name, though) You can dress it up or down. Its big enough for day & small enough to segway to evening. I feel it is one of the sportier of the classics.
  5. DJO, I also love that style! I had it in beige and black at one time. It is a great bag.
  6. i need a real casual that more of an dressy one
  7. ...ok, cool. wasnt sure what style you were thinking.
  8. I love that one too, but it doesn't zip close.
    Zip close doesn't matter to me though and I'll be adding at least one Grand Shoping Tote to my collection in '07!
  9. since the cambon line is coming back i might think about getting the bowler
  10. ^^I think the one that DJO shows is the one I had in black and tan and does zip close...It is different from the grand shopping tote in that it doesn't have the wide leather bands on top of the handles...hard to explain...
    It is the classic verison of the diamond stitch tote bag.
    I see it as a bag you can dress up or down. If you prefer a more casual style, maybe the diamond stitch box tote or one of the cambon styles (the large shop tote or the one that looks more rectangular).
  11. Posted at the same time! (the rectangular cambon i was mentioning is the bowler). sounds like it could be perfect for you!
  12. do u know the retail?

  13. I believe the bowler is right around $1400.
  14. ohhh i have a few questionss if yall dont mind?
  15. i jus wonder if it'll be available in summer cus i need to save moneyy