chanel Experts please help me decide on my 1st handbag

  1. Hi,

    I'm ready to purchase my 1st Chanel bag :yahoo:

    What do you think of the a med size cavier in cream vs. black???

    How does the lambskin hold up vs the cavier??

    Does San Francisco Chanel have a good selection of bags or should I go to Stanford?

    Creams vs black any problems with colour transfer??

    Any recommendations. Size is an issue I need a medium size purse that will hold my stuff....don't want anything small.

    Thanks a million for all your help
  2. I'd go for black. Caviar is much hardier than lambskin, but I think in a medium size, you could take the risk if you love the lambskin. As for size, I guess it depends on whether or not you tend to carry a lot of stuff. If so, the bigger the better... the medium sized flap is a double flap with decreases the available space significantly. If you need a lot of space, go for a jumbo!
  3. I'd go for a jumbo in black caviar!
  4. Black and Caviar :supacool:
  5. I returned my lambskin and got a caviar. It's much better for everyday use! gosh, the lambskin drave me crazy.
  6. Agree - if it's your first bag, go with caviar/black. Size is a matter of taste and whatever you feel fits your body type. Good luck!
  7. I also vote for black caviar. Its a staple and easy to take care of. I think black lambskin wouldn't be a bad idea if you love it though.
  8. Choose which you love the most! It depends on your preference & lifestyle.

    The leathers:
    - Caviar leather is more durable, less maintenance, & perfect for everyday use.
    - Lambskin is softer, requires maintenance, & perfect for special occasions (use everyday with caution). I'm really anal with my bags & personally don't like the look of caviar so most all my bags are lambskin. It's not as fragile as most believe it to be. Mine is still as perfect as the day I purchased it.

    The colors:
    There is a higher chance of color transfer with the cream than the black. If choosing cream, I'd suggest not to get it in lambskin because that's a disaster waiting to happen.

    The size:
    - Med/large is perfect proportion-wise & suitable for day/night but does not hold much (wallet, phone, & keys only!).
    - Jumbo is perfect for daytime & if you need a little extra room, but may look like a briefcase depending on your height.

    My 1st was the med/large black lambskin flap, but I'd recommend the jumbo black caviar flap for you as an everyday bag. Why not go to the boutique to try it on & see which you like best? If you're still unsure, post modeling pics on here. Can't wait to see which you decide on. I'm sure you won't be able to stop at just 1 Chanel!
  9. A vote for the black caviar with SHW!
    Though - If you can wear a JUMBO without being swamped I recommend the new RED instead!
  10. hi pamdhillon12, caviar is more durable, color depends on what you love or will wear most, both cream and blk are so versatile, can't go wrong w/ either one.

    As for SF chanel or Stanford, they often order diff merchandise. Try both. Though as your first bag, Stanford has a more lenient return policy (in terms of window for returns) in case you need more time to decide.
  11. Get the medium black caviar.
    Alot less worries all around...and classic!