Chanel experts....need your help

  1. So I saw this bag in Chanel Northbrook ...They only have it in brown and I was looking for a black bag so did not really pay attention to the name. But now I want to know...

    So here are the descriptions:

    -tote bag..quilted soft with white stitching..
    - double chain but on the highest part has the leather covering the two chains
    - magnetic snap closure
    - got zips on both sides and each zip has a chanel logo.
    - small chanel logo right outside the magnetic snap

    any idea?
  2. Something Expandable maybe?
  3. I had no clue there was a Chanel in Northbrook... that really surprises me since there's one right here in Chicago. I've never seen one that's not in a major city (except I think there MAY be one in Palo Alto, CA).
  4. Its not the boutique...but there is one inside Neiman Marcus.
  5. Ah, okay, thank you! :heart:
  6. look at the Expandable Ligne in the Reference LIbrary, that could be it.
  7. Yes, it sounds like the expandable tote!