Chanel experts...need advice...QUICK!!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    In my previous thread I mentioned that I am in love with the Chanel pony-hair calfskin tote in black. I don't have any bags that are pony-hair. In pics, the bag is beautiful, but another PFmember just informed me that Chanel has the bag in all leather, which bag do you think is more beautiful and the better buy in the long run? I already have the classic flaps in beige caviar, blk lambskin & caviar, and a black patent leather Chanel bag. Should I go ahead and be crazy and do pony-hair or stay on the safe side with leather?? Anyone out there who has seen both in person, can you help???
  2. I would go for all-leather and not pony-hair. Personally, I would limit pony-hair to the cold months: seems to heavy for summer.
  3. Care to share pics of it with the pony tail?
  4. I plan on carrying the bag during winter months, not for summer:smile:
  5. I would also go with all leather. For the price of Chanel bags, I like to be able to wear them all year round. That was one of the two main reasons (after a little bit of struggle because I love suede bags) that I just returned a large suede e/w Chanel tote (other reason was it's shape & size). But ofcourse, I am only speaking for me. If you love the bag in pony hair (I saw it online & it is gorgeous!!) and love it so much you don't mind it being a winter only bag... then by all means 'go for it'!! Post pics for sure either way!! :smile:
  6. Please post pics of the pony hair bag if you can. But so far I'm the only one who likes the idea that chanel has done a pony hair bag. You can always get classic bags in classic leathers, but you can't always get pony hair.
  7. I had an SA tell me that you can have trouble with the pony hair rubbing off. Personally, the pony hair is pretty, but that would bother me if I got a bald spot!
  8. I've seen both and although the pony hair was GORGEOUS, I truly fell in love w/ the black leather w/ white diamond stitching - it was AMAZING... if only I had UNLIMITED funds!!!
  9. I would also go with the leather. Pony Hair can get ruined very easily. Georgiegirl, is correct and that the hair rubs off very easily.
  10. A bald bag would not be a good thing. Go with leather.
  11. Leather...over pony hair...