Chanel experts, help needed

  1. I am thinking about getting a bag from the luxury line. I don't know what it's called. it's in the bowling bag style, but it was much more narrow, long and narrow. sorry I do not have a picture, but does anyone know what this bag is called? And is it available in a metalic leather now?

    thanks to all
  2. Luxe bowler?
  3. Looks like a taco?
    That's the Small Bowler.
  4. thank's you guys :yes:

    do you know if it's still currently available in the Chanel stores?
  5. if it isnt sold out, call the ny, boston or cali stores first, or vegas, whatever major shopping area is nearest to you and call for availability. if that doesnt suit you try dept. stores.
  6. It didn't sell quite as well as the Medium, I bet there's still some available out there!
  7. Thanks, I will try calling all around. I usually end up wanting the less popular ones, lol:lol: