Chanel Experts,Could this be a diamond shine flap? TIA!!!

  1. A friend of mine has this bag and I fell in love with it - she still had all the info
    The bag is a Classic bag with flap

    It was from 2006 - Price was $1475
    The Color Code is 94305 Black

    The style number reads
    06AA32942Y04 265
    It looks like a caviar patent - it is gorgeous....any info? Anyone know the name and
    if there are any in the stores still?
    The original Saks tag says 3572619553415
    Forgot to add that it has MM closure and hardware is either dark silver or ruthenium (wrong spelling I am sure)
  2. i can check mine tonight when i get home but in terms of the patented caviar, the mm lock, the ruthenium hardware and the price it's all right for the diamond shine flap. i doubt there are any left. i was shocked i was able to find mine in may. you can always try but i know they were pretty much sold out before the summer.
  3. Thank you so much......let me know...I loved the bag....:heart:H
  4. H:heart: I will check for you when I get home too. It def sounds like the diamond shine flap- I have one and everything matches up! It is such a great bag, I love mine!! No inside flap, so it's roomy and the coated caviar is so low maintenance! And it's sooo pretty! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks so much!!!!:heart:H