Chanel Experts, "CC Tie"

  1. I recently posted a thread about a bag that I was after and had been sold, and I was asking if anyone knew what it was (using only my description...toughie) Well I finally worked up the guts to call my SA and ask her what it was called and more goes:

    It's called "CC Tie", it's black lambskin, has a small chain on the front and a leather strap that elongates so you can wear as a messenger style. She said it was a limited piece, once it's gone, it's gone. She even showed me a new catalog with a couple of pictures of it on a model, worn across the shoulder...

    OK, this is the problem...I LOVE the bag, but its $2400...seems really high to me and I don't understand why. It's a nice bag, but more casual, not formal at all, and it's small. Basically she said she could still get me one if I decide to get it, but to let her know soon and I can't decide...Oh, and I can't find pics on the net anywhere...HELP!!! What do you Chanel experts think???
  2. Get it!!! I know the exact bag you are talking about, I also fell in love with it, I saw it in a beautiful green color. I passed on it during the last EGC event at Saks, because I was heading to Paris the next week, and wanted to be free to buy something during my trip. Well, the CC Tie was so awesome that it was almost all I could think of as I wound up going to every Chanel boutique and department store counter looking for this bag. I'm going to buy it tomorrow during this month's gift card event at Saks. Awesome, awesome, versatile bag. I also had trouble finding information and pictures online...maybe I'll post some pics when my bag arrives. :smile: