Chanel expert!! Please tell me which bag this is!!

  1. Please help me with this bag. I wanted to have a chanel bag in red. One of the girl from the chanel thread described the red bag that she saw at the store, but I have no idea how it's look like. I just can't picture it. So please, all you chanel experts out there. PLease tell me or attach a similar pix that best describe the bag. I would be really appreciated. TIA>

    ( it is quilted with the normal classic strap, about the same length as the cotton club pochette... but there is like a little leather shoulder pad thing on the top of it. it is zippered closed and there is a cc logo on it as well. i think the hw was gold. the red is kind of like a blood red, i guess that's the best way to describe it.))

    Which bag is it?? Also, I was told that it's from last year collection.
  2. hi that's my description. yes, it is the bag that mello_yello_jen identified it as. if you want it, you should call Saks ny quick. it was marked down from 900 to 650ish so if will probably not be around long. good luck!

    btw, the one at Saks is red caviar. i think the one in the pictures is lambskin.
  3. Wow, thank you so much mello_yello_jen. You're truly a chanel expert! When posted this topic/question, I thought it was hopeless to get an answer due to the unclear description. Wow, you're awesome!! THanks you a gazillion times.:heart:
  4. Yes azaelea, it was your description. I was hesitated so I posted it out, and hopefully someone came up with a picture of this mysterious bag . :tup: for mello_yello_jen. Yay:yahoo:!