Chanel expandible flap bag--> price

  1. LOL... never mind the price, I noticed the HUGE price when the picture was enlarged here....
    But does this bag come in black?
  2. yes it comes in black and the med cost 2250.=)
  3. I got a pink one last month and the strap came apart....=( I need to bring it back to Chanel to get it fix.
  4. ^^^Oh, that's too bad. I love the pink! I bought the navy blue last month, but haven't used it yet. I hope my strap doesn't break. =(
  5. Oh.. did you put a lot of heavy stuffs inside? I always think the strap is kind of fragile for a bag that big as the size gives the potential for carrying a lot of things.. How much was fixing it?
  6. No I only used the bag like four times. I only carried a wallet and a cell phone. The stitching and glue near the big loop that holds the straps together came apart. I called my SA and she told me it will take 6-8 weeks to fix the bag for free and if they can't fix it they will refund my money.
  7. I got the pink and it was too salmony-orangy for me. Not a really true pink. And hard to match with other colors.
    The navy looks beautiful == and the black as well.
  8. i love the navy IRL. But I'm still not 100% the expandable is for me.
  9. wow.. I think the quality has been going down nowadays.. but at least they are willing to do something about it. But I will hate not having the bag with me for 6-8 weeks though. thats a LONG time!
  10. Is the pink still available?
  11. I got the pink one from NM in LAS VEGAS(They take visa too!LOL!)...I used Carlos there if u need to locate one..Hes great
  12. I just saw one at Saks in Beverly hills !
    I could be wrong, 'cause I went to 4 Chanel Boutiques last week....But I think I'm right. Give um a call!
    If yu need a contact & # then pm me & I'll pull it together for you!