Chanel expandable flap bag...

  1. Hello to all,

    I'm undecided, I'm in love with the Chanel expandable flap bag. What do you think...the blue or black?
  2. Depends on what you have in your wardrobe.

    I love the black, personally, but I never wear anything navy, and would really only wear it with black things, so there you go.
  3. Thanks for the reply...I loved the dark navy blue.It looked so different. I ordered from the boutique. I will post pictures on Thursday
  4. The navy blue with look great with jeans, etc. congrats... can't wait to see pics!! :smile:

  5. I think blue would be a nice change to black, cant wait to se pics.
  6. YAY pics :smile:
  7. I have it in black and I adore it
  8. black!
  9. blue i think looks better.