Chanel Expananable & Jumbo Bags

  1. Dear all,

    Are there any pictures on this website showing the internal photos of the Chanel Expandable or Jumbo bag (as like the red one Nicole Richie is carrying). Or if you guys can let me know whether the bags have leather or some kind of fabric lining.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know about Expandable but the jumbo bag has leather lining. You can search eBay for picture of expandable lining.
  3. I'm pretty sure the expandable is leather inside as well. I dont own one, but I was looking at one at NM just the other day.
  4. Yes the expandables that are available now do have leather inside. The Paris/NY collection that was out in the Fall 2006 had fabric lining.
  5. The Expandable bags have black cloth lining, the Jumbo is leather.
  6. Ooops-I just looked at my new expandable (which I am returning) and yes it has fabric lining.
  7. why are u returning it? i saw it today and am thinking about it.... (: