Chanel Exotic on Sale!

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  1. Chanel Full skinned ALLIGATOR dark navy blue zip satchel. Was $19950.00 now $7979.
    Please contact Peggy Urban in designer handbags if you have questions about this beautiful collection piece.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Peggy Urban
    Specialist - Luxury | Designer Handbags
    YSL | Ferragamo | Collection Accessories
    NORDSTROM | Downtown Seattle

    Attached Files:

  2. I got that email too...isn't it TDF? I wish I could justify it! Someone please get it!
  3. Gosh, I was in South Beach a week ago and spotted a women with the exotic chanel tote (greenish)> I stared at it so long that my husband had to kick me to bring me back to life!
  4. wow beautiful, wish i had the funds!
  5. Wish it was python instead of croc...I haven't made it up to that level yet. Still collecting pythons right now. This is gorgeous!!! I hope a TPFer gets it.
  6. That is a great deal! It is too rich for my blood, but I hope another tPFer grabs it soon! It is gorgeous!
  7. Wow, so beautiful!
  8. beautiful!