Chanel Exchange?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Would anyone happen to know if I can exchange a bag regardless of where I bought it? So, I bought a jumbo classic flap at Saks and want to exchange it for another one since the leather on one side of the bag is puckering in a way that I don't like (If I"m paying that much, the bag better be near perfect!). But that bag I got was the only one Made in France (and I prefer french Chanel bags). Can I exchange it at a regular Chanel Boutique instead of going to a different Saks??
  2. gd question.. i don't know.. but i dnot think so?
  3. I don't think so either...what you could do is bring your bag and receipt back to Saks and see if they can order you a different one from another store if they don't have any more. I've noticed that each store has different colors and inventory.
  4. No exchanges. Saks & the Chanel boutique are a separate entity. You should ask your SA to locate one for you at another Saks location. If there aren't any available at the moment, you should return it & have your SA contact you when a new shipment comes in.
  5. I'm not sure about that. I bought an LV at Saks and Bloomies was able to EXCHANGE only at the LV boutique. Call the boutique and see. Does not hurt to ask.
  6. LV seems to have a more relaxed (or consumer-friendly) exchange policy. I was able to exchange my overseas purchases at the local boutique but Chanel's exchange policy seems very restrictive in comparison. But still, I agree it doesn't hurt to ask especially in the US where consumer rights are more respected than here in Asia :smile: