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Dec 2, 2019
Hi, I would like to ask how many times we can exchange the same item at Chanel. I have bought the classic flap and turn out that the bag was not well structured, so I returned and get a store credit note.

Next day, my SA called that the new bag just came in so I went to the boutique again to get the new classic bag using the credit note to pay for it. However, I found out loose thread again on the bag that I just got after came home. I asked my SA and she said that the exchange can only do once. Can anybody suggest how many times I can do the exchange of the bag? I was so diasappointed by the Chanel’s quality. Thank you.
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Dec 18, 2009
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That doesn’t sound right to me. They’ve sold you a faulty item so the obligation is to find you one that’s not faulty or give you a refund but we know Chanel doesn’t do that! It doesn’t matter how many times you exchange until the right one is found. I’ve never heard of one exchange only.


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Aug 31, 2008
you should be able to return the bag ASAP and get the store credit, unless this is a new Chanel policy due to customers abusing the old one. I have no proof of this; I am just thinking out loud). I don’t think an SA should show anything but professionalism to customers.

I don’t quite understand what was wrong with the first bag, but I did caution the OP of the thread below that sometimes exchanges can lead to substitute items with more distressing issues.

I think returns or exchanges possibly also depends on the purchase and other relationship you have with Chanel. I will say, as a Chanel customer starting in 1998, with a long hiatus in between, that sometimes you get different answers and attitudes depending on your history (even though I didn’t buy much for a number of years) a different store still could pull up all of my information and purchases.

A last note is that leather goods are organic and even triple A skins have some imperfections natural to the leather. (This may apply to your first return and not your attempted second one). but it would behoove you to examine your purchase before you leave the boutique.

I also think you might have better recourse if you shopped in a Chanel boutique within Bergdorfs, saks or Bloomingdales. (Though I really have no idea since I am a boutique customer).

You might find this thread illuminating (I am sure that there are others like it)