Chanel Everyday Bag !

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  1. I know this can be a broad topic BUT which bag would you consider to be an everyday handbag . Leaning towards the Timeless Tote but is like to hear your opinions and Picts if you have to share .. TIA
  2. Chanel black caviar Jumbo, not too big or too small. can be dress up or down:lol:
  3. Yeah, agree ^^ I use my chanel jumbo as an everyday bag too!
  4. I have a jumbo and a timeless tote. I find the jumbo way too hard to get in and out of everyday and the chain strap isn't nearly as comfortable. I love my jumbo but use it for times when I'm not constantly in and out of my bag. My tote gets way more use.
  5. I use a black jumbo caviar most days. It's a very versatile bag.
  6. Black Jumbo. its my go to bag which i wear cross body as i have 2 young children. However, it is a single flap and i find it very easy to get in and out of. i rarely use my reissues because of the double flap which i find very annoying
  7. My black caviar maxi flap. Love it!
  8. GST! I use it every day for work! Or, coco pleats!

    They both fit a lot!
  9. I use my gst for most days since it really carries a lot. but I reach for my half moon woc when I'm just running around and not needing as much to take along.
  10. GST for work and reissue for the weekend :smile:
  11. I just bought a GST and it's my everyday bag now
  12. I use my Boys as everyday bags. Also reissues and WOCs. There are a number of seasonal bags in durable fabrics that work well for every day too. It all depends on your personal style and how much you need to carry.
  13. I change my bags often, but for those times when I don't (moving, etc.), it's a 2.55 (reissue) bag hands down. They can take pretty much anything from being put under airline seats to being used daily for months and still look fabulous.
  14. I use my dark red Hampton tote and black caviar Jumbo as my everyday bags.

  15. Gst for work. I need to start wearing my jumbos more often.