Chanel-EVER make white dustbags?

  1. Hi there!

    I have many newer model Chanels, but I'm now starting to collect vintage ones. Did Chanel ever make a white dustbag with the logo and "CHANEL" on it? If so, for those years, does anyone know what number the corresponding serial would start with?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes, I have two vintage bags given to me by my grandmother and they are white felt like with the chanel logo embossed or screened on them.
  3. Exactly agree with ALLinTHEbag - the vintage Chanels came in the White duster bag. They should look exactly how she described the dustbag. It should not look any different
  4. OT - but white bags should come w/ white dustbags IMO. . . there's too much risk for color transfer from a black dustbag to a white bag :sad:
  5. where do you find vintage chanel? ebay?
  6. Yea or you could fish through vintage shops or consignment stores. There's a possibility of fakes with all of them though.
  7. Thanks for the info gals! I appreciate it!

    Aarti, I found a goldmine... a lovely little consignment store in Beverly Hills. The purses themselves look completely authentic. I was just unsure about the dustbags accompanying them.
  8. yep i seen them in my grandmas closet