Chanel Event @ Neiman Marcus???

  1. I saw a sign at Neiman Marcus today that said there's a Chanel Event March 29-31. I didn't get a chance to ask about it there so does anyone here know exactly what that is?

    Sorry if this has been asked before.
  2. I think it's the World of Chanel event. They are offering bonus incircle points for purchased made during that time and having a preview of some sort.
  3. I just got a NM catalog today that says

    The Accessories Event
    Stop in and catch a glimspe of the hautest accessories under the sun, including
    shoes, handbags jewelry, belts and sunglasses
  4. What exactly are bonus incircle points? lol
  5. It's NM's rewards program for using their credit card. With your NM cc, you earn points for every dollar spent and sometimes they have special promotions where you can earn extra points. At the end of the year if you have at least 5000 points you can use them to get a gift card or choose from a selection of items/services. Once you have a NM cc, you register for the Incircle rewards program.
  6. Incircle is beautiful! Once you hit a specific amount {can't remember what} they send you some great coupons as well, this is prior to the first real goal of $5k.
  7. My SA at NM just told me about this! I hope to come home tomorrow with a bronze cotton club tote, and the bonus points sure sweeten the deal! I hope they have some new accessories too, I have a GC I'm dying to use!

  8. Well hopefully I'll be getting some money tomorrow, so I may just have to go into NM and get my first Chanel piece of jewelry. Although I don't have a NM cc but oh well.
  9. incircle is great, i got a gift card of $875 at the beginning of this year.
  10. hm, got a questions, comaped with the Saks program in the rewarding program, which one is better?
  11. People are saying the Saks program is better because you get gift cards right away at their special buy some/get some sales. And the amounts are higher.
  12. Since NM only accepts cash,NM CC, or AE..i"m thinking about applying for a NM card to purchase my first Chanel. Does anyone know if they charge an annual fee? I'm hoping and assuming no because it's a store CC, but you never know. Also, with these point program, if you don't reach the 5000 points at the end of the year, do they keep accumulating the following year, or do you have to start over every year from zero?
  13. No annual fee for the NM card.
  14. no annual fee and no, the points don't roll over, but you have until at least March the next year to use them.
  15. no fee and no point carry over. thanks for the info. On another note, I just called the Chanel Chicago and they told me there is no price increase, only on watches!?! Told her Id been reading online that there was going to be one in april 1st and that's why I was looking for the GST with SH before the hike, but I was only concerned about getting it before the increase, but she assured me it's safe to assume it's not going to happen anytime soon,. Also, the SA from NM in Northbrook (also called looking for a GST) told me he heard nothing of this hike and they usually know about it a few weeks in advance, and that as of right now he could tell me NO since they just increased in FEB .....IM CONFUSED>>>>>>>:confused1: