Chanel Europe Prices

  1. Hey all :smile:

    Does somebody know how much the GST, Medium/Jumbo Caviar Flap and Baby Cabas in Europe (especially Germany) is?

    Thanks in advance
  2. The medium in Paris is 1470 euro.
  3. the jumbo caviar 1650 Euro..(as at march 2007) in Paris
    kindly take away the tax..i.e abt 12-13%..
  4. Thank you :heart:

    Anybody knows how much the GST and the Baby Cabas is?
  5. Anyone?
  6. The best you can do is call them. I called Chanel in Antwerp/Belgium a few days ago, but she couldn't tell me since they just raised there prices and she didn't have any at home for them moment.

    I guess Germany raised there prices aswell
  7. I called them but she didn't knew what I was talking about :shrugs:
  8. I was quoted 1350 euros for the GST a couple of months ago, I am not sure if there has been a price increase since then.
  9. Hmm.. perhaps if you gave them the artikelnr?
  10. Anybody know the updated prices for classics? Reissues? In France?
  11. Alaska hi !I've only checked on med/large lambskin a couple of days ago and they are at 1690 Euros(from 1600 they were pre-price increase!)
    i'm in Vienna but if there's a difference they should be slightly cheaper in France !
  12. Thank you chanelspell! I'm wondering about reissue prices... perhaps I should just call........
  13. The Baby Cabas is approx. 1300 Euros :smile:
  14. the new large baby cabas (with the braided chain) was 1450 Euros in October!:yes:
  15. M/L caviar classic flap is 1550 euros in France now.