CHANEL Essential Makeup Artist Travel Case/Cosmetic Bag

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  1. Does anyone own one of these? I found a few on ebay for about $150. I was looking for a travel makeup case that can keep things organized like my home train case. This way you diont have to pull every thing out and leave on the counter. Just open your bag and everything is organized.

    This bag looks awsome and will accomplish what I'm looking for but is way more than I wanted to spend on a travel case. If any have one is it worth it or can you find it cheaper elsewhere. Thanks ladies.
  2. I think that is the one I have. Do you have a pic? If so, it is THE BEST worth every penny!!
  3. These two pics are from different sellers but I believe they are the same bag.....i really want it!

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  4. I wouldnt do it....I have received several of these type things - though not the exact one - for free with Chanel cosmetic purchases. Saks and Bergdorfs have beauty events all the time. $150 seems like a rip off. Sorry if I am percieved as too harsh, but that is just ridiculous!
  5. Not too harsh at all! This definitely looks like a free gift with purchase from chanel and 150.00 is CRAZY
  6. Okay this is the one I have and it is NEVER a freebee deal. I bought mine 3 years ago at Bloomies for $100. They only get like 2-3 in per counter for the Holidays and that is it! It is THE BEST CASE you will ever buy and lasts forever. I leave my make-up in it 24/7 and when I travel I just grab the case no need to pack it up. These are hard to get!! Is it new? I would call the local Chanel counter and ask them when they are getting these in again and how much they are now. Trust me it is worth it!

    P.S. - Mine DID NOT come with the brushes. I think the one with the brushes was $150. Make sure they come with it but call the Chanel counter first!
  7. Please keep in mind that Chanel beauty products are not the same as Chanel bags. I think they are very overpriced for what you get. Chanel brushes are just OK (made in China by the way). Trust me, I know what I am talking about, worked as an artist for a while. The best brushes are Trish Mc Evoy. The are expensive, but superior quality and will last forever for just personal use.
    As far as the case, almost all brands give them for free with a purchase, unless you really want Chanel name on it.
  8. It is NOT a free gift. They were available at nordstroms a couple of years ago I bought one for myself and my SIL I love it and use it every time I travel.
  9. :blush:oops- sorry! I don't have the bag, but was just speculating because I have one very similar from dior and it was free with purchase. I should have known better- nothing with chanel logo is cheap:lol:
  10. I bought the bag at Nordstrom before XMas and I think it was between $130-$150. I bought it to organize my myriad cosmetics that clutter my counter top. This is not a give-away piece and it is very handy. It is quite heavy, though. I thought it would be a great piece to travel with. It is very well-made and sturdy. I know it will be last a long time.
  11. I have several Dior ones - love them! But I wouldn't pay $100 for any of them when you can get them free and save $$ for real bags:graucho:
  12. This is 100% NOT a free gift!

    I own 2 of these cases to house all my chanel makeup, they are very hard to find, and I bought one at Nordstrom and one at Macy's
    They run about 125 each

    The reason why they are seling for 150 on ebay is because they are SOLD OUT right now at all cosmetic counters
  13. you wont regret it!! One of the best purchases I have made. I have had mine for over 3 yrs now.
  14. they look like they would be handy, but I don't think I could justify spending that much on a make-up case!! Just my opinion...