Chanel espadrilles thread

  1. Yes, I saw the new camelia thongs at Nordstrom. I also tried them on. I found them to fit the same as the CC logo thongs. I am going to call my SA at Nordstrom today and order both of them in my size.
  2. Thank you 😉
  3. Hey everyone, I am unfortunate because my left foot is slightly bigger than my right. I bought the espadrilles and while it is slightly snug on my right it is pretty tight (not unbearably though) on my left. What were people's experience with stretching? Should the stretch make them perfect or should I go up to the next size? Thank you in advance.
  4. My experience with sizing....

    I'm an IT 37/FR 38, usually. My Cambon flats are a 37.5, jelly flip flops a 38. Last year I bought the canvas espadrilles, the 38 was perfect after a couple of wears. However the leather 38's were very very tight, so I got the 39's. Even though I'd been shopping all day and my feet were at their largest, I was worried that in summer they'd be even bigger (the day I bought it was 20F here.)

    Anyway, love them and can't wait for warmer weather!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I had to size up 2 sizes! When I tried 1 size up, I had a hard time getting the back up and it was a little tight. The SA said it wasn't going to stretch so I got the bigger size which hasn't stretched and is super comfy so far :biggrin:
  6. I am in love with the espadrilles...only just discovered they came out with a leather version and going gaga ever since :nuts: Does anyone have a modeling pic?

    Also wanted to say I love love love everyone's in this thread, and can't wait til I can get my hands on a pair. :love:
  7. how much r the leasther espadrilles anyone please thanks
  8. $495usd.
  9. They are $590 in Australia.....
  10. Adorable!!!
  11. That is a good price for leather Chanel shoes!
  12. Anyone know where to get these? Looked online (I know, not a lot of places sell Chanel online) but can't find them. Do they have them at Bloomie's? Sak's? NM?
  13. I purchased one pair from Saks and the other from Nordstrom. Good luck!:flowers:
  14. Thanks Zombs!! I did some major damage this weekend (too many sales, not enough willpower), so i'll wait a few weeks to get them. Probably can't wear them until it gets warmer out anyway. How much are they?