Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. WhatCity did you purchase your espadrilles? I wonder if they will ship to Canada? Im usually a size 8.5. I wonder if I should purchase euro size 40?

  2. Where did you buy these and how do you find the fit?
  3. I bought it from another person who felt that the shoes were too small for her.

    The shoes run small. I usually wear EU35 or 35.5 but I have to buy EU37 for this pair of shoes.

    The shoe is super comfy.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I am a true US 8 and I went with Euro 40. I am normally a 38.5 in Chanel flats. HTH:flowers: I think you will be safe with a 40.
  5. Mine only came with one too.
  6. Neiman Marcus im actually a 39.5 on chanel for the espadrilles i order 41:wacko:they run small
  7. I plan on buying the leather ones. If I'm a US 6.5. What size do you recommend I get? Thanks!
  8. I'm the same size as you and I bought a 38.
  9. I say the blue aqua color, it's gorgeous. I like purple too but aqua stands out more. HTH good luck :smile:
  10. Thank you, I'll go with a 38 then
  11. Which color are you getting?
  12. I will order the two tone nude with blk cap toe. Thanks again for the sizing help
  13. So I was in the Chanel boutique today and fell in LOVE with these espadrilles in the mesh/fishnet material. The boutique had just gotten the mesh material in and I didn't try them on but now I'm home and can't stop thinking about them! They came in all white or all black mesh with leather CC. They're amazing! Just thought I'd share, I didn't know about the mesh, and love it! :smile:
  14. After seeing all the beautiful espadrilles, they are an absolute must and are definitely worth getting
  15. i loooove them sooo chic !!