Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. how much are the leather??
  2. Leather is $495.

    I've been thinking about canvas, however the SA said they stink after awhile. Any truth to that?
  3. Hey! I was wondering if the espadrilles came with one dust bag or two? Mine were leather espadrilles and only came with one which I found weird because most designer shoes come with two....
  4. i have the canvas one it,yes it was stinker than my any other leather shoes,the fact its canvas make it harder to clean the inner sole
  5. Thanks for the info! Maybe I'll just stick with the one leather pair.
  6. I'm afraid you are going to have to take them to your shoe repair to get them cleaned per season.
  7. anyone know the price for the leather in Australia? And if there is much stock in Sydney stores? TIA :smile:
  8. Omg those heels are TDF!!! Love them! All 3 are great but those are just amazing!
  9. its AUD$590 (US 485) there are some in perth city store not sure about the availability in sydney..hope this help xx
  10. thank you :smile:
  11. in perth store they have 3 diff colours in beige with black toes,black,and can call the store and ask them to ship the shoes to sydney;)
  12. Hello ladies,

    Would you pls help me choosing color? Unfortunately I can only get one pair and am having a hard time deciding btw blue/aqua and purple. TIA
  13. I like the blue one!
  14. yes the blue one im with shopmore, blue one or the pink one not purple ;)
  15. mines came with two dust bags