Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. Hi everyone, need help on the espadrilles sizing. My suede espadrilles is size 37, but im eyeing the canvas blue jeans this season. Should i buy the same size as suede or buy size 38 since theres no half size. Mostly im wearing 37,5 in chanel shoes( slingbacks, ballet flats and mules).
  2. i would recommend going with 38 as the suede doesnt stretch as much as leather @redish
  3. Thanks for answering my question but this time i want to buy canvas not leather. Is the canvas doesnt strech much too?
  4. opss sory yes i mean the canvas doesnt stretch so it will be better to get 38 imo @redish
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  5. In my experience, with two pairs of canvas, they do stretch. More than the leather and wool ones.
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  6. Thank you :smile:)
  7. Is the canvas from this season? So do you take the same size for leather and canvas?
  8. Anyone with experiences on their espadrilles and water damage? my canvas ones got soaked in an unexpected downpour
  9. Hi just wanted to ask if u had to size up with linen. Coz I'm a 36 .5 . Did 36 with lambskin. Thanks.
  10. Hi are u a half sized too? Just checking coz I'm a 36.5 but got 36 on lambskin. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am a size 36 lambskin and the 36 linen is also a perfect fit for me. Hope this helps.
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  12. Fake! Espadrilles only made in spain
  13. Yes and yes. At first my new canvas pair felt a bit tight but after one wear they fit perfectly. The next size up would've been way too big.
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  14. Oh no that's what I dread. Hope someone can help you. What were they like when they dried out?
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  15. I have linen and leather and both say Made in Spain. They also both have serial numbers.