Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. Whilst my espadrilles are in the freezer I am loving the idea of those espadrilles fitting comfortably on my feet. Times like these make me wish I had smaller feet. Too bad they run small and too bad I have bad luck with shoes. I guess I will have to leave them overnight in the freezer, and if no positive results I will have to take them to my local shoe repair. These along with three other pair of shoes, :push:
  2. I just have to's my nature. Why exactly are your shoes in the freezer? Are you trying to stretch them? Like with the baggies full of water stretching? I just bought a solid wood & metal shoe stretcher to use for tight shoes at home, plus I get NM to stretch them at the store if they are a tad snug. :smile:
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  4. I am trying to stretch them!!! It is so ridiculous of me as I've never tried this before. Apparently it works.... Ideally I just take all shoes to the repair shop but they are currently on these rodarte shoes and I don't want to continue to bother them with so much work.
    Have you ever tried stretching your shoes in the freezer?
  5. No, I just saw it when searching for shoe stretchers. I bought the shoe stretcher stuff and a shoe stretcher, but it was the wrong size (fit the shoe, but no way to get the back into the shoe) so I ordered a size smaller; it should arrive Saturday. :smile: I've never done it myself, so figured I'd do it the "right way" first with my good shoes. The freezer thing I would only try on shoes I didn't mind if they got messed up.
  6. You think the espadrilles can get ruined in the freezer? Please don't say that as I am having a minor anxiety attack now.
  7. I'd not put my espadrilles in the freezer....
  8. Call any boutique in the US and they can ship any of the espadrilles you want, I live in NYC And had to get the last pair of the lilac canvas chanel espadrilles I. My size 38. The number to the NYC boutiques at enlisted below I have every number to them lol.....

    Chanel boutique numbers
    Soho-(212) 334-0055
    5th ave-(212) 535-5505
    57th street-(212) 355-5050

    And you can also google any Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Ave in NY and ask them if they have them to ship to Dubai
  9. Hirshleifers has them, too. Not sure which colors, but they ship international.
  10. I never heard of putting shoes in the freezer to stretch them...... I would just go with the old fashioned way a d take them to a shoe maker to stretch them lol
  11. And these are the colors they have them in plus the mesh ones I posted earlier that just came out last week! Adorable
  12. I just took them out. I can't bare the thought that they might ruin or not even stretch. Yelp will help me find another reliable shoe repair locally. I do live in Hollywood so hopefully this shouldn't be too hard to fulfill.
  13. There are many good ones; don't just rely on yelp. Ask at Neiman Marcus or Chanel or Dior and they will have great shoe repair referrals. I don't know who does it up in your area, but I have some names in OC. I'm so relieved to hear you took them out of the freezer!
  14. Oooooh pretty rainbow of easter egg colored espadrilles (plus the dark ones...but you can have dark eggs, too)! The robin's egg blue and pale yellow are really pretty! Aw, they are ALL pretty!
  15. Hi I have never thought of your idea and quite honest it's kind of funny but if it works for you Great! I do own a wood stretcher and they worked great for me, my stretchers are adjustable, basically you put them inside the shoes and opened them up little by little until your desire. HTH :smile: