Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. And the mesh is material and the tip is black leather, when I saw them I fell in love with them and they are totally comfy!!!!
  2. And these are the pastel purple canvas chanel espadrilles I got at the same boutique on 57th in NYC
  3. These are the pastel purple Chanel's I got as well beautiful for the summer!
  4. I actually had to get my purple chanel espadrilles ordered from bel harbor Miami chanel boutique to the NYC. Chanel boutique because they said I got the last size 8 in the entire chanel boutiques in US. I was on a hunt for them and Miami was the only boutique that had them they said they sold out literally within 3 weeks of them coming out!
  5. Those are really cute, and will be super comfy in the summer! Congrats!
  6. Pretty!!!
  7. No way I'd pay $620 on eBay for a $450 pair of shoes! That's crazy!
  8. And I would never pay for $650 for chanel shoes that are. $450 in the chanel boutique......and my opinion when it comes to designer shoes especially chanel you never know what your gettin, cuz there are so many knock offs out there. At least if you buy in chanel boutique you know what your getting. I rather buy real then buy fake that's just me!
  9. The woman at the chanel boutique said these chanel espadrilles are the quickest selling shoe items they have had sell out so quickly! I originally went there just to buy the purple ones but when I saw the mesh ones I just had to have them!
  10. Plus that seller didn't even give measurements, only said they run small. They would rip this seller to shreds in the ebay forum for this; they are just asking for returns for non-fitting with that description. These shoes are brand new just coming in; it's really sad they take advantage of people like that.

    Chanel is just now sending this espadrille to the stores (like this week, just now), and it's still available in the stores in the mesh, will continue arriving, so no need to go to ebay for it!
  11. They are really cute, but they are still quite obtainable, since they only started arriving this week. They can also be ordered from department stores which haven't yet received their shipments. :smile: I'm glad you got them; they are cute. They are not $620-650 ripoff ebay cute, imo.
  12. If you like the espadrilles then you will love the new mesh ones , just got them yesterday! I posted a pic for you to see!
  13. I completely agree no need for EBAY......but I jus bought 2 pairs yesterday including the mesh and the sales woman said she had 2 sizes left in the white/ black mesh and she told me chanel isn't getting new shipments for a while of the canvas anymore.....they will get more orders of the mesh & leather but I'm not crazy about the leather ones.

    As far as the sizes for the espadrilles, they run 1 size bigger then a persons original size. For instance I wear a size 7 in shoe but I buy size 38 (8) in chanel espadrilles