Chanel Espadrilles Club!

  1. Hello Ladies & the occasional gents!

    So I saw a lovely young lady today with Chanel espadrilles in white and black... and I wanted to really go into either Neiman's or Chanel to try and take a look. However, do any of you have or had tried on these shoes? Are they worth it and what is the price range?? I think they're adorable.. but I don't know if it's worth the $ or are they just like TOMS (which are cute I guess..) thank you!:biggrin:
  2. I took the plunge and got them after thinking them over. They were a little under $400. Pricey for what they are but I just loved the style! TOMS just aren't the same imo!
  3. I tried them on and personally, they are too casual for me and have limited use. For me, I would gladly pay more for classic ballets that I can use more often, and that will also last.

    The espadrilles are super cute, but not much use for me and my style. For summer, I prefer sandals anyway. Have you seen the new patent thong sandals from Chanel! Totally cute AND gorgeous at the same time.

    I can post a pic if you'd like but you may have already seen them in the stores. Ivory, pink, black patent. Thongs with a small metal CC on top.
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  4. Hi! Yes I have already seen them:biggrin: thank you, however! My mom actually wants the ivory just cause it's very resort-like/summery. I however, love flats and loafers and am not very into casual either.. But I saw the espadrilles on someone and did a double take. Maybe it's for a select few that can pull them off? or possibly for everyone, but thanks =]
  5. Love the style! I bought my 2. pair this year!:P:
    They are very comfy! My feet are like in heaven!:cloud9:
  6. I just bought a pair yesterday... I'm already obsessed and want another pair!
    They were $395 not including tax. They do run small... I'm usually a 36 in Chanel flats and 37 in the espadrilles fit perfectly.
  7. Yea.. I'm probably one that espadrilles don't quite work for. They are super cute though... and gorgeous colors.

    Tell your mom there is a bright pink thong at Chanel, but not at NM... in case she likes bright pink. NM will not be getting the bright pink.

    Happy New Year!
  8. I bought a pair a couple if weeks ago and LOVE them. But then again my style is pretty casual. I just love the look of them. And $395 isn't a bad price if you ask me. But they definitely run small so be prepared to go up 1-2 sizes.
  9. Espadrilles all the way!! I love their sweetness and ease of use. My wardrobe is monochrome heaven, and so I couldn't help but jump at both the cream with black capped toe and black with cream capped toe. In addition, I was looking for a summer colour, so grabbed the lilac pair as well! I would have ALL colours if I could justify it, but I'm more than content with my little Espadrille family!!:cloud9:
  10. Do you know what sizes Chanel footware usually go up to?
  11. I've seen them go up to 40, maybe 41? I'm not quite sure. I'm not 100% on this but since a country's stock is determined by what is perceived to be suitable by the country's buyer, wouldn't the same applicable to sizes that are made available?
  12. The espadrilles go up to a 42 here in the UK :smile:
  13. Size 42 in the US
  14. Hi! :wave: I have not seen the new patent thongs from Chanel. Would you mind posting a picture? Thank you!
  15. Ah you convinced me! I have the cream with black toe and need the black with cream toe now too! :biggrin: