Chanel Esat West spring summer 2008


Jul 9, 2007
I ask my friend to buy Chanel East west S/S 2008 for me. The one that is in Christy Turlington ad with the flab and chain but she bought me the wrong size. I want the biggest 12" but she bought me 10.5" and told me there is only 10.5" and another smaller size(with 1 chain) in the shop.

Anyone know how much is the 12" bag price in Europe? She boght me around 1400 Euro for 10.5". Has anyone saw 12" size in Europe?


Apr 5, 2008
i got this one in dark red, the medium, but i returned it the next day! Want to know why? First, it looks sporty with the piping , so i don't think I can wear it with some of my summer flower dresses. Second, I feel i have to have the right looks - one with short , simple hair style , as for my hair is long and wavy as Gissele Bunchent ! Beside, I don't wear any of knitt jersey dress or clothes that look like you ready to go to tennis court, either to hang with friends or any where related to sport clubs ! Sorry , if my opinion was to much in detail, I don't know, but I hope you will exchange it to diff, one! Good luck!