Chanel envelope clutch in fuschia

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  1. Hi babies can somebody help me p. Im looking to buy this season fuschia emevelope clutch but i cant seem to get the reference number/style code. Anybody has the oicture of the bag amd the reference id number? Itll be great if yall should share.
  2. Sorry, I do not have the info on the reference number/style code, but yesterday I saw that the Northbrook, IL Neiman Marcus has the clutch you want available. You may want to give them a call.
  3. lambskin or patent?
  4. I think someone just recently shared a lamb skin fuchsia CWC from Istanbul

    Is that what you are looking for?

    It's in 2014 SS thread
  5. If you want a patent, NM has one.
    Calflu referred me to her SA.
  6. yeah im looking for the patent one. I just cant seem to find the ref/style code
  7. Sorry I don't have the code. U may check with an SA.
    PM u