Chanel Embarrassment

  1. I only buy Louis Vuitton and thats it. I am obsessed with Vuitton. Until..I saw this necklace at karen koopers and I had to have it.

    This is pretty shallow but all I knew was

    *It was expensive
    *I had to have it
    *Chanel is a very prestegious brand
    *I had to have it


    I'm embarrassed because I know nothing about chanel and this necklace. Can you please tell me anything about it.

  2. it's SO cute!!

    the little charm is a handbag (or maybe wallet?) from the Cambon line in the black/pink combo
  3. very cute charm!
  4. It's really cute! you just need the bag and shoes to go with it! I am such an enabler! Well, at least the bag! The pink/black Cambon line has been I think you made a great choice! It is definitely hard to find things from this line in pink/black! Enjoy it!
  5. That's adorable!!! Sorry I don't know anything other than what the ladies posted above!
  6. This is totally hot! I love this Chanel Cambon Necklace! Congrats!:yahoo:
  7. soooooooo cute!
  8. I'm with you - I don't know much but what I do know makes me feel that Chanel is probably one of the most prestigious and classiest brands :supacool: of all of the luxury world. :yes:

    And I also know that you are working that beautiful Chanel necklace lovely!:heart: Gorgeous! Great find :yahoo:
  9. Cute. I have it in black and white with the matching earrings.
  10. It's fabulous! I love Chanel, there is nothing to be embarassed about. Nothing wrong with broadening the horizons.
  11. it was on sale for less then 150$ this past june/july during the Saks sale.
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