Chanel email I received with pretty website attached

  1. Hello,

    I signed up for Chanel's emails and occassionally get something neat from them. Here is an email I just got. I thought I would share.

    best wishes to you all!

    The following link will take you to view the email I received online and then you click the link there to see the pics!

    Or click here to go straght to the pics/video from Chanel!
  2. yes, I got that email too, but after I saw another post about the site. Very cool vids. Thanks for posting.:smile:
  3. Maybe I should sign up for emails. How often do you hear from them?
  4. I got one not too long ago regarding beauty products. Can't remember the timing between the emails. But it is not like you will start being spammed by Chanel or anything...hehehe. :p
  5. As soon as they release something new in their official web site ,they e-mail it to me too!:yes:
  6. How cool!
  7. :smile:, cool!