Chanel easy carry shopping tote


Mar 24, 2017
Third Coast
Hi. I saw that no one has responded to your thread. I just joined the forum but I do have this bag. I got it last fall and I love it as an alternative to the GST. The calf leather is soft and smooth and remarkably is not showing any scratches. It is super light weight and the large size is very roomy as a work tote. I like that it has feet on the bottom and no really visible logos, so I dont feel self concious about it at the office. The only thing I am noting is that the leather is softening and beginning to wrinkle a bit. The bottom seems to hold its shape well but some of the lower corners seem to "cave in" a bit when the bag is loaded. None of that is an issue for me. All in all, I think it is a good workhorse bag for day/office with classic Chanel style. No zip closure tho, only a flap and magnet, so security may be an issue.