chanel east west flap with new chain

  1. Hi fellow tpfs friends, i very like the look of the east west classic flap in new ( silver) chain:drool:. i saw some you have got the red and black one, i really want to purchase one, but never seen the bag in person. i havent check to my local Saks if they have any in stock.
    which leather you think best for this new chain, caviar or lambskin. i think i prefer black bag. how much for the caviar and how much for lambskin? and hows the capacity of the bag? i heard its pretty small, hows compare to timeless classic clutch?? TIA~~:smile::heart:
  2. I have the red caviar jumbo flap and love it. The price is $2250. As far as lambskin or caviar I hear caviar is more durable, and lambskin softer leather. I love it all!

    Good Luck
  3. i love the lamb in blk against the new chain. not sure about the price, but the e/w in caviar is 1395
  4. I have a medium classic (black) and an e/w (coral). Both are lambskin and they hold the same, basically a wallet and a checkbook, lipskick.

    The e/w is a single flap versus the double of the medium classic. It's chain (leather interwoven) is not as thick a link nor as long; however it can be shortened. It makes the bag lighter in weight than the original classic medium flap.

    Whether you choose lamb or caviar would probably depend if you plan to carry the bag daily. If it is an event/special occasions bag, I vote for lambskin. If you are harder on your bags, plan to schlep it everywhere, go caviar. There is no stress of staining it, mucking it up. Hope this info helps.
  5. thx u so much for replying. wonder how the capacity compare to timeless clutch if anyone ever compared them? which is is actually fit more stuff?? thx you
  6. thank u jmen. i really like the look of the new silver chain. saw some member here have the red e/w caviar. its so pretty...:drool:
  7. i have the e/w in red w/ the new chain, the new chain has really grown on me, especially becuase it has the double chain in the e/w size whereas the classic chain is just a single chain in this size. i am also buying a white one. i think it is a gorgeous bag. be sure to update us whatever you end up deciding.
  8. thanks takeoutbox!!! i love the chain regardless the colors of the bag..... i will of course update and send pics to everyone soon...
    however, i think i have decided on the black one this time. wish i can buy more than 1 in different color... :graucho:
  9. I hope you find your e/w minnie04! :smile: IMO, it fits the same as the medium classic flap, because the e/w has the single flap... plus it's adjustable, which is nice! OT, but has anyone seen an e/w in light beige with the new chains? Thanks! :smile:
  10. oh, black is gorgeous too, esp. in the lambskin, but i already got black in the med/large size, so i'm buying other colors.
  11. minnie i have both the e/w and timeless clutch both bags fit more or less the same in capacity hope that helps :yes:
  12. I love the e/w but am not 100% sure how I feel about the new double chain because it looks like the holes are set up like .. .., I think I like it better when they are like : :, the first way makes it look like there's so much chain going on, if anyone can understand what I mean...... I will say I love my classic E/W with the single chain because I can shorten the chain as I tend to like my shoulder bags straps shorter, that's just me though, the e/w is a great bag, hope you find the one you want soon!
  13. thanks everybody. i called around and cant find the e/w black lambskin with new chain, however, i ended up with the medium size lambskin ( classic flap) with new chain, found it at Nordstrom mall of america. its on its way to me... thanks for all your comments and help!!!
  14. hello everyone! i'm considering getting an east/west but have a question on the new chain. are the double chains also adjustable, like the single chain? i can't decide on which is better! :confused1:
    thanks for your help!
  15. I have a e/w and it doesn't fit much unfortunately. I can fit my wallet, phone, and sometimes keys. lol. I hate having to take things out because it's a pain to have to rearrange it to make everything fit.