chanel earrings

  1. i really want the chanel earrings! but i don't know if i should get it cux i think for 200 bucks the back of the earring isn't worth it, what do you guys think? yay or nay?
  2. If you think the earring aren't worth paying $200 for, then don't buy it. You have to be happy with your overall purchase.
  3. anything chanel is worth it.i have plastic hoops i paid 285
    clip ons i paid 100 for and the pierced cc's i paid 300 and they are all keepers forever
    the clip on's i boought in 2002
  4. and i still get great compliments on them
  5. got picutres?!!
  6. got picuttres!?
  7. i think there are pictures in the accesories thread of the under chanel resources -there are quite a few ppl with the original CC logo earrings

    -if im not mistaken, a majority of their costume jewelry earrings come with that backing (if that's what you are referring to) BUT, they are classics, and you will definetly get your moneys worth so i would just take the dive if you really want them!!
  8. it is Yes and NO.
    You wear Chanel you wear luxury. Luxury are I right?

    All of their merchandises are come with 1 year warrantee. If earrings broke or
    any pieces of crystal fall off they will replace you a new one for free.
  9. yeah look at my accessories in the resource thread-
    i ll post them here for yah
    Sep13_011.jpg hoop.jpg Sep13_012.jpg
  10. try to get the ones w/o the rhinestones. I had the rhinestone necklace and replaced it 3 times b/c the rhinestones kept popping out! I have up and got dangle earrings instead :smile: