chanel earrings

  1. hi girls,

    does any of you knw have any information abt this pair of earrings? cost, size, where to get them, etc. how do we tell the difference between an authentic and a fake? thanks for any info! :rolleyes: ;)


    P.S. I got the picture by googling chanel earrings. so i think the picture might be a fake. or not.
  2. i have the rhinestone logo earrings in the large size. they were about $200 or so. i don't have a chanel near me, so i called the closet boutique and ordered them over the phone. real ones have a chanel plaque on the back of the earrings, which i think is missing on the fakes.
  3. I have the smaller pair & they were $185
  4. are there diamonds or crystals in them?
  5. Yea, we've all talk about those earrings a lot. I think everyone in that thread bought a pair.
  6. Wow I should really pick them up at the Korea Duty Free...they were only 160 US there!!!
  7. wow. the korea duty free had them for so cheap? hmms. the earring is so pretty. ;)