Chanel earrings

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  1. Hey everyone!! I was wondering if anyone has seen these earrings anywhere!?!? I asked my SA and she was pretty clueless....I love them!!! please help!!! I know they came in white and black and would prefer the black ones but will take any pair!!! Any info/ SA info would be appreciated, thanks again! :p

    (Yikes unfortunately I can't upload the pic for some reason)

    But here's what I know about them... they are CC post earring in enamel with both pearls and diamonds on the CC's. The style number is A36223Y03525 Also missisa07 uses the matching necklace as her avatar...
  2. [​IMG]


    Chanel Ala Moana still has them in white, but no black. They never ordered them in black. Sorry. :sad:

    Judy Chin
  3. ooh!! adorable earrings!! did you order them boslvuton!
  4. thanks missisa I'll have to give her a call...

    But has anyone by chance seen the black ones?? I like the white alot, but I just LOVE the black...

    (eek I think I might have posted this is the wrong area... sorry mods! Please move if necessary)
  5. Good luck on your search for the black ones! I've seen them on eBay Express, but they're marked up.
  6. Love those!..Good luck with your search!!!
  7. I searched high and low for the black ones, with out any luck. I ended up getting the black ones that are smaller in size on the hoop. I saw them on eBay marked up, and they can stay that way, I will not pay more for them (as much as I love them).
  8. Here's what they look like on the hoop in case you're interested. I still wish I could find the studs though.

  9. dd101, can i ask you how much you paid for your earrings, I bought the very same ones in London and Im wondering if they work out the same as im coming to the US in two weeks!
  10. Good luck those are tdf!!
  11. my NM had them when I bought the ring! It was months ago though. . . .
    here's my ring, it's the same collection I think{?}
    IMG_2287-copy.jpg IMG_2275.jpg IMG_2280.jpg
  12. I think they were $195 USD. I'll have to look for the receipt to make sure, but I do believe they were under $200.