Chanel Earrings

  1. Can anybody fill me in on how much the small-sized CC earrings with the little diamonds on them cost (in a legit Chanel boutique)? I know I could probably call them to ask, but it's midnight, and I doubt they're open!
  2. I believe they're $195
  3. yeah 195-210 is the general price. but they are rhinestones, not diamonds.
  4. i bought a pair from the chanel boutique in sydney - and they were $AUD270 which is roughly around $200USD
    that's for the crystal CCs
  5. Numerous posters have complained of the rhinestones falling out after very little wear (including me) so be forewarned. When I was in the Chanel store on Wednesday my SA agreed that those earrings are nothing but trouble so since my aren't wearable anymore I got the clear lucite studs with the white logo in the center.
  6. I just bought a pair in Las Vegas, they are silver tone metal with clear crystals, they were $210 plus tax.

  7. Yes my friend has a pair and the rhinestones came out of hers, sadly :oh:
  8. I was all ready to buy a pair but I have read that the crystals fall out way to easy. So I think I am going to have to skip this purchase and buy something else instead. Darn and I really loved them too.
  9. Thanks for the info, guys! My sister's bf got her a pair that I've been lusting after, she told me they were real diamonds, but sounds like they're not. If the rhinestones fall out, they may not be the pair for me :sad:
  10. Wouldnt Chanel replace them though if them fall out? I mean its Chanel, you expect a lot more out of them for Heavens sake.
  11. I just noticed yesterday that I had "two" of the rhinestones fall out of mine too.

    I put them on and it is noticable to me that they are missing.

    I loved them and wore them all the time.
  12. I would love these too but I don't want to be worried about them all the time!
  13. Wow, I'm amazed to hear that so many stones have fallen out. I have a few pairs of Chanel earrings that have crystals in them, and I haven't had any fall out....not even out of my sunglasses!!!!

    But if they did fall out, I would bring them back. I'd get either a refund or they could fix or replace it.