Chanel earrings

  1. Can anyone tell me how much these earrings retail for? at the boutique or any department store. They are just silver with the rhinestones. Thanks.

  2. oh gosh i wanna know too
  3. I have the small ones, and they were $185.
  4. $210
  5. they're beautiful!!
  6. Agree with Damien - those look like the medium size for $210
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I thought it would be some ridiculous crazy price where I'd have to sacrifice things for it. But not too shabby. I guess I'll be going sometime soon to get myself a pair. I'd go with small though, I don't like too much bling bling. :graucho:
  8. I have them..Bought them at Saks in Bala,PA...FAB on...Wear them out alot.....they have alot of bling to them..LOL
  9. I wonder if they have them with out the rhinestones??? does anyone know???
  10. $210
  11. i was at the chanel boutique on saturday and they had some that were just silver !
  12. If you are going to buy the earrings, get into the waitlist now! cuz it takes a while for the earrings to be available. :yes: Good luck! It is a pretty pair.. If only I would allow myself to buy such an expensive pair of earrings............
  13. Love them soo much! Paid $210 at the boutique in SHM a while back! Hope you get them!!

  14. i've seen a pair of earrings similar to this, except it was about this size and a half, and if i remember correctly, the crystlas were placed a bit farther out.
    does anyone have a picture of these or know how much they retail for?
  15. The medium size are 1/2 inch wide and tall. They are the perfect size, IMO. I have them and love them to death! They aren't too "blingy" and I wear them to work. When you wear them outside they shine!

    A PF'er gave me a good tip. Make sure to take them out when you shower so they don't get tarnished.