Chanel Earrings - Stanless Steel ??

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering whether anyone knows whether Chanel's costume earrings have stainless steel backings? I called Chanel and the SA I spoke with said they do have stainless steel backings but when I went into the Chanel store to buy a pair of drops with black interlocking cc's the SA that served me said she didn't know whether they have stainless steel backings. Can anyone shed some light on this question? :shrugs:

    Also, just wondering whether anyone else here has a sensitivity to nickel based earrings and can still wear Chanel's costume jewellery earrings?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I have many pairs of Chanel earrings......I don't wear nickle because it turns my skin black.......I don't know for sure about the Chanel earrings being stainless or not, but they don't discolor my skin at all.

    I think they might be stainless....they wear beautifully!!!!:yes:
  3. They might be but I've actually heard of some people having allergic reactions to earrings such as the crystal studs. They could be brass or some other cheaper metal plated with silver though also.