CHANEL earrings (Please Help!)

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  1. Hi Chanel lovers!

    I have never bought Chanel earrings which is why I wanted to ask you the following (since you are all experts in this matter:amuse:):

    1. What is the minimum price for a pair of CC earrings (small ones) in Spain, France?
    2. I have read that some people have problems with oxidized earrings, has this happened to you? How do you take care of your earrings?
  2. Hi Acctt,
    1. I think they start at around 230 - 250 euro => the less stones the less money is what I tend to notice; the resin earrings are also a bit more expensive (300 euro and up)
    2. I don't have mine long enough (< 6 months) to help you on this matter; I was browsing for brooches however yesterday and saw some that indeed had some oxidation, don't know if this is removable?

    Please share yours when/if you get them!
  3. Have amassed a small cj collection quickly and it's definitely worth indulging with the vat tax refund and sometime more variety in selection while ur in europe IMO.

    If you want something carefree to indulge in, try something without rhinestones and you should not have too much problem I think. It's all about your expectations really... I mean even if it's real gold, after some time u need to get it polished and perhaps refilled/gilded, so I tend to not worry about it and when time comes send to chanel for refurbishment :smile: unfortunately everything is prone to wear and tear, and the higher price charged by Chanel doesn't reduce that either :/

    They sure are pretty though :smile:
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  4. Thanks girls! I will check the store this week :smile:
  5. Vanana! May I ask you how do you store and clean your earrings? thank you so much !
  6. They each have a "designated space" / compartment in my jewelry box, but no special cleaning per se. I just wear them and put them back... so far so good (about 3- 4 months for my first pair?)
    I do have soft jewelry clothes (those that you buy from regular jewelry stores) that I thought if ever needed, I would wipe down with those gently -as it wont require liquid or necessarily harm the metal. haven't had to yet though. so far so good. if you're worried about stones and durability etc. why not consider styles similar to the ones here that may be more sturdy in nature by design? I also included photo of my brooch as it comes in earrings too (though I don't have the photos) and I know they recently re-released it in some stores/boutiques and it's at a great price (I think it's under $400) so you can get help at boutique to locate if you're interested. I included the code for the tweed patter one too in case you're interested.

    see? plenty of safer, beautiful classic versatile options available at decent prices :smile:

    tweed pattern.jpg tweed pattern code price.jpg
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  7. oops brooch photo here for earring reference 20151219_212656_resized.jpg
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  8. These are stunning
  9. By the way, I was working on a science project "with" my son, and we were testing which material removes metal oxidization well. Apparently, according to the result of our experiment, lemon juice works quite well!
  10. Aren't they?! I don't have these but they were part of my research when I was thinking about earrings. I did end up with a few pairs with rhinestones and pearls but still tempted by simple classics like these :smile:
  11. Thank you for your kind help Vanana [emoji4][emoji6] i think i will get a pair that has no pearls or crystals so i can enjoy them wihiut any worries !!
  12. No problem cant wait to see them. But seriously, let's say you start with those cuz let's be honest- high probability of more later :angel:
  13. I have earrings that match that brooch ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467307716.260347.jpg
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  14. these are the ones!!! they recently re-released them at some stores! simple, elegant, timeless, versatile, and great price!!!
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