chanel earrings on sale?

  1. Are any chanel earrings on sale??? I want a pair or small CC rhinestones! Let me know! and which store. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I doubt any are on sale due to the popularity of them, but maybe some will during the Chanel Boutique sales?
  3. My NM had the CC studs on sale and a handful of others too, but I think the studs had rhinestones (not positive though). You should call around to check what's left in stock.
  4. I saw some on sale on wednesday at Saks. They also had some cute hair clips. Good luck!
  5. I called around & couldn't find any :sad:
  6. hmm, ok thanks anyways

    I guess they never put their sunglasses on sale either?
  7. Wow! I never expected you could find their earrings on sale! Apparently, it's too late anyway...
  8. is there a sale on earrings in hackensack or NY? :smile:
  9. Saks ended there sale today.

    chanel itself has been preselling since last week.
    there official sale starts 06/06/06 -wow 666- LOL

    they normally have the seasonal stuff..nothing classic.
  10. has anybody seen these chanel earrings on sale??
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