chanel earrings now with dust bag!!??

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  1. went to chanel today to buy a pair of earrings, and when the SA was showing me the earrings, i saw a mini dust bag! so weird~~ when i asked bout the foam thats suppose to come with it she told me that this is a "new thing" that Chanel has~~ i was like, o...k...haha just thot that i shld share
  2. This was since Cruise 08. The Shanghai Chanel Boutique suggested that they provide dust bags with costume jewelry.
  3. I just bought two pairs & I got tiny dust bags with both, a nice surprise
  4. When I bought my first pair of 08 earring they came with that tiny cloth dust bag, it's so cute, isn't it?
  5. yeah it is pretty cool~ easier for storing!
  6. yahhh my hairband came with it too LOL
  7. aww does anyone have pics of these little dust bags?
  8. mine one comes with a little dust bag too. also from the cruise line.
  9. i posed pics in the accessory reference library~ go check it out!!! :nuts:
  10. ooh~ That sounds so cute!! I wish I bought mine when they were giving it out with little dustbags... hehe I just got the box and the foam.. boo
  11. that sounds SOOO cute!!

  12. Here's a picture for you