Chanel earrings- help!

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  1. Hey ladies! (and gents)
    Just wanted to ask a couple questions about chanel earrings. Im glad to have such a community online that i can ask anything and share my love for luxury so thank you in advance!
    Do chanel earrings tarnish quickly or at all?
    How long have you had your chanel earrings for?
    Can they be worn every day?
    Can i just store them in the box/pouch i got them in?
    Should the backings be replaced? Maybe with tiffany backings?
    Do you love them ?!
    Please feel free to just answer 1 of these questions! Im just curious of the overall quality and durability of such pricy costume jewellery!
    Thank you fellow chanel fanatics :smile:
  2. Mine hasn't tarnished but I've seen tarnished ones that my friends own... I'm not sure what exact condition makes them tarnish or keeps them from tarnishing? It's luck?? I don't know!
    4 years + (can't remember exact)
    Yes they can! I wore mine everyday back then
    I just keep the box opened (mine has the gray sponge bubbly interior) and store them on it, not sealed
    No I didn't need to use other backings
    Yes I love them but probably would not purchase as I have other earrings I love more :smile:

    Hope this helps!

  3. -Mine chanel earrings aren't tarnish either.
    -I had them for 3+ years
    -I don't wear them everyday/ maybe 2-3 times a month?
    -I store mine in the box with the grey foam thing that comes underneath. No special method really.
    -I wouldn't replace the backing for a costume jewelry beside the original one is fine.
    -I love mine and wish they made even smaller delicate CC logo. The smallest one they make right now still seems a bit big for my ears. lol HTH.
  4. I have had mine for a almost a year ( I LOVE THEM) I have 6 pairs
    No Tarnish yet, however I see many on Fashionphile that have turned green?
    I don't wear them everyday (weekends or special occasion)
    I store mine in the velvet case and box they came in (My SA says perfume is what destroys them)
    I have replaced the backings at Chanel store
    I LOVE Chanel earrings and wish they made more classic CC studs and less whimsical pieces.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer everything! Im glad yours havent tarnished after 4 years. Im not used to costume jewellery so i hope mine stay new and shiny :smile:
  6. Thats awesome im glad yours havent tarnished! Thats funny actually because i love the oversized cc earrings! I wish they made bigger ones.
  7. I agree i love the classic cc studs way more than any of the whimsical design ones. 6 pairs! Thats amazing i wish i had that many :heart:
  8. You will have many too.. I never thought I would have any. I would love to add a Chanel pearl necklace to my collection,but I still haven't tried them on.
    I did recently get three broaches even though am not a brooch type of person, I really love the Chanel brooch in the classic CC style. You can see the earrings I have in my collection on my IG

    have a good evening :smile:
  9. I just checked you out on IG. you have such a beautiful collection! I swooned over every pic! Do you ever feel bad or guilty spending so much money? I just spent quite a bit in there and blew my budget and im freaking out! Lol thanks again for your answer :smile:
  10. Thank you so much love :drink:

    When I first started my journey into Chanel my excitement to finally get a classic flap paralyzed
    me from feeling guilty, however now am cocentrating on smaller Chanel classic pieces instead of their bags, because I know all my money cant just go to Chanel lol (me lying to myself)
    So yes I get buyers remorse and then I quickly remind myself that f I didnt spend it at Chanel I would have spent it on something stupid and Chanel makes me happy its magical...