Chanel earrings and other jewellery

  1. Hi ladies! :smile:

    I don't have an idea about the cost of Chanel earrings and other things like those. I'm not referring to jewels made of gold and precious stones, just to fake jewellery, I don't know how you call it in English, sorry. We call it "bigiotteria" in Italy. I know that pearls are 600 euro and more, but what about these:

    First photo style reference A33704 (are there also matching earrings? I think I saw them here.... do they exist in other colors?)

    Second photo style reference A35138

    Third photo style reference A28173

    Could you suggest something that is 200/250 US dollars? (if anything exists... LOL)

    Thanks! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
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  2. Nobody knows?
  3. we call them 'fashion jewellery'

    I believe the interlocked C's earrings (they are like studs with the Cs on them) are in that price range.
  4. Thank you, you were very kind! :flower:
  5. Yes, the crystal CC earrings are $210 US. Sorry, I don't know about the others.
  6. Thank you very much! :smile:
  7. 1st necklace is 120 GBP and the that pair of earrings is only 95 GBP and after one week the price was increased and I have no idea for the recent price.
  8. Thank you Vicky!
    Do you know if there are earrings matching the first necklace? I am quite sure I saw them here and in beige, is it right?
  9. i got my cruise collection CC earrings with pink crystals for under $200 (based on today's currency exchange rates). there's a dangly version of this and it's $175.

    the second pair of earrings, i've seen them retail on this japanese website (
    and based on the exchange rate, it's $260 (although i think it should be cheaper than that since looking at the prices on the site, it seems to be a little bit higher than retail).

    and for the first necklace you posted, i think i've seen them in black... i don't know if it's the same line, but i found similiar sorta earrings in black on the same japanese site

    And here's a link to all the earrings that japanese site has:
    (i can't read japanese, but i like looking at the site to see the chanel accessories they have. :p)
    chanel 007.jpg
  10. Thank you very much Zerodross, I'm going right now to check your links, you were very helpful, thanks! :heart: