Chanel EarMuffs!

  1. Hiya! :biggrin: Does anyone have an idea where i could poss get my hands on some Chanel Earmuffs? I know they did some a while back but havent seen them since! SOOOOO gutted i missed out at the time :sad:

    anyone?? thanks loads! xx:tup:
  2. eBay or consignment stores??
  3. are there any online consignment stores for these kind of accessories?
  4. they had some on display right as you walk into the soho store in NYC when i was there not very long ago. but they are terribly pricey.

  5. so cute but not cheap...hehe
  6. how adorable!!
  7. I bought a fur pair from Saks Somerset in Troy, MI. I also bought the purse/muff to match,and I LOVE them. I know they did have another pair a few weeks ago. My SA is Diane 248.643.9000.
  8. could you tell us the price for that ?
  9. The earmuffs were $850. The purse/handmuff was $3750.
  10. thanks mkk for the info ! i havent seen the purse/handmuff at all, is it similar to the LV ones?
  11. I'm not sure what the LV one is like. It's a fur purse with a slot in the back for your hands. I'm horrible with the computer, but I'll see if my office manager can post a photo. It has stripes on it (kind of), so at first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but she's grown on me and I LOVE her.
  12. Sorry this took so long...if you're still interested, I will try to post photos.
  13. I'm sorry, I says upload failed. If anyone wants to see photos, I can email them. You may post them, if you'd like. I think my office manager attempted, but I will ask her again. I am not good with computers....I swear they hate me.
  14. those are adorable! I want a pair!