Chanel earings

  1. Can somebody please tell me more about these earings. I was looking through the ref thread when I found these wonderfull earings!! Ofcourse it was Monica with this wonderfull piece of jewelery!:tup:

    BTW this is soooooo cute!! price?? still available??

    Sorry for posting these questions, but most of the items in the ref thread are only pictures...and I need some more info about these items!! I'm just in love!!
  2. I Love those earrings:p. I'll see if the box has any information like style number. I purchased these in summer of 2006 from the Chanel boutique on 57th St. in NYC. I'm pretty sure retail was around $225 or $250.
  3. Thnx Monica,
    They are so wonderfull!!
    I wonder if these are still available. I hope so..I'll be in Paris next week, and this would just make me very happy!
  4. I don't have either piece, but they're both VERY cute!! That bracelet is TDF!!!
  5. sorry for the misspelling...I've just noticed it...
  6. Those earrings are nice :tup:
  7. those earrings are soo cute! does anybody know if they are still being sold in chanel stores? i want them too..! LoL
  8. Those are so gorgeous. What exactly is the name of it?

    (The earrings)
  9. Here is the information on the earrings from the box:

    06A A31135 Y02003
    Boucles Oreille
    Z2613 Noir/Gris
  10. Thanks Again!
    I'll be looking for these when I'm Paris!