chanel E/W price?

  1. Does anyone know the price for the E/W in caviar and lambskin? thanx
  2. i think the lambskin is 1550 and caviar is 1395
  3. yep...
  4. Sorry to change topic, but since we're on prices. Is there a thread that has the current prices to all Chanel bags?
  5. I just heard from SA at Chanel that the e/w is going up to around $1695!!
  6. Wow! :tdown:
  7. Thats alot from 1395 to 1695.
  8. What on earth? that's ridiculous. It actually costs more than a 2.55 last year!
  9. Outrageous:cursing: I am so done with Chanel!!!!
  10. Wow, wasn't the patent leather E/W flap $1195 last year? What a difference a year makes!
  11. Anyone who knows the new increased price for this bag in caviar and lambskin?
  12. :throwup:
  13. These prices seem so much cheaper than UK prices. I paid £790 for mine which is about $1600. It has now gone up to £845. That's for caviar.
  14. :hysteric:


    i realli like the eastwest.... but is it worth it anymore.......

  15. OT: I can't believe that I 've never seen this smily! LMAO! This would have been so perfect to post in response to Karl's take on the ankle bracelet. Oh, and the the bad fakes on eBay!:lol: