CHANEL E-Commerce Sunglasses

  1. We can now buy sunnies online directly from Chanel!!!!
    Anyone planning on picking up any pair in particular? I am loving the Data Center But I am not sure... Anyone likes those too?
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  2. This is the pair i'm thinking about
    any thoughts are welcomed:smile::smile:
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  3. I have these and love them
    Highly recommended
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  4. Can you post modeling pics or up close pics? I am loving these glasses too.
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  5. IMG_1494681857.242537.jpg
    From IG without frames
    (Not me!!)
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  6. IMG_1494681959.535864.jpg IMG_1494681991.361321.jpg
    Not nearly as glamorous !
  7. IMG_1494682058.868605.jpg
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  9. I'm a techie too
    These sunnies are so fun--
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  10. I'm still waiting to see if Australia will get the shield pair need!!!!
  11. IMG_1495212783.183793.jpg IMG_1495212794.054007.jpg

    Traveling with my Data Center Shields
    Love them
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  12. I bought the Aviators but did not get the quilted case & was so disappointed, called Chanel & had it the next day. So now I have two cases. Love the aviators.
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  13. IMG_1495259041.597088.jpg
  14. Upload photos pls xx
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