Chanel e-card for Chinese new year

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  1. yup. i got mine as well for the lunar new year.
    frankly, i was surprised that they 'localise' their services.
  2. Did they do a Christmas e-card too? Any Chanel fans can share it?
  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks for posting. lovely CNY card!!~
  5. thanks to the blog else I never know Chanel would do those freebies
  6. oh.. i thought it is sent to people that are on the list with them?No?
  7. That is such a cute e-card! I didn't know Chanel did things like that.
  8. Ya, i also received one, perhaps sent out by the local Chanel management office?
  9. Your bunny is so cute:heart:

  10. Yup! i received the same one too ;)
  11. i got one too! i was pleasantly surprised :P
  12. how do you got the chanel icecream scoop in your profile pic?
  13. Hi dnangel25, my friends send me some avartar pics and this is one of them ;)
  14. Received one from CHANEL but don;t know if it was send by HK boutiques....