Chanel Dustbags?

  1. Hi ladies! I have 2 "naked" Chanel bags - One I just bought from a friend and came with a too-small Chanel dustbag (Outdoor hobo - bag was folded into the dustbag). The other is supposed to belong to my Cabas which my sister borrowed and returned to me in good condition but without the dustbag. Does anyone know where I can get dustbags? I'm a bit anal about my bags and although I may just store them on the shelf on occasion I like to know the dustbags are there. I'm in Manila where there is no Chanel boutique, and therefore there is no SA I can ask. I keep them in other dustbags but there is just something so "wrong" about this.
  2. I'd like to know too. I just got an authentic Chanel flap off eBay, but it didn't come with a Chanel dustbag, so they put it in another one. I feel weird about putting it in another dustbag too!
  3. Well, boutiques and dept stores don't just hand them out unless you are buying a new bag. The only place to buy one would be the secondary market, eBay and personally I would just used a generic dustbag rather than paying for one that might be original. I like them to be roomier than the original ones and white in color, so I had some made in unbleached felted material very much like the Chloe dustbags.
  4. Hi steffi, yes I'm sure boutiques don't give them out unless you are a valued client (which is why it would be easier for me to get LV dustbags than Chanel). I just find that the "fit" in a different dustbag is a little funny. Having plain white or black ones made is a great idea! Thanks!
  5. Ladies, where can I buy a Chanel dustbag that is not through eBay. Do the boutiques/dept stores sell them?
  6. The Chanel boutiques and department stores definitely do *not* sell dustbags. They do not want purveyors of fake bags to sell these with their wares. The only place to find it would be Ebay or maybe a consignment store.
  7. Thanks!
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  9. If you just wanna protect your bags, I think you can get a dustbag from places like bed bath and beyond. I think Chanel boutique won't give u extra dustbag. But there is no harm to ask. I've done that at LV store and they give me one. Not sure about Chanel though. I think it depends on the SA who you are dealing with.
  10. The dustbags are not very soft. I use a white satin pillow case, cut them down to fit and hem them - works nicely!
  11. I sometimes worry about colour transfer from Chanel black dustbags, although so far this has never been a problem. I once asked my SA for an additional dustbag when I was purchasing a Chanel and she gave me one, but did add that it is not their policy to give out dustbags, she was doing me a favour.