chanel dust bag....

  1. hi everyone ,the chanel dust bag, does it comes mainly in black color or it could also be comes in white??
  2. I only have black ones......
  3. I heard that the earlier vintage ones had white dustbags. Anything recently should have a black dustbag with CHANEL in white (not double CC's).
  4. I work at Bergdorf's. We only have black dusters with CHANEL written in all white.
  5. a previous posted was correct, newer bags come w/ black and the much older bags came w/ white.
  6. From my undestanding, some vintage will come with white dust bags. But anything new should be black.
  7. I believe the sport collection bags come with a silver dustbag with the CC logo.
  8. Can we pin this thread in the ref subforum?
  9. I have a vintage Chanel bag and it came with a white dust bag.
  10. Isn't this information already in the authenticity tips thread that is tacked to the top?
  11. ^yes ma'am!:yes: it's always available for Reference in the Authenticity Tips sticky.
  12. My vintage Chanel came with a white dust bag but my newer ones came with the black one that has the white writing.